Minggu, 15 Januari 2023

This is not really my holiday but id really like to describe my dorm room.

I live in a dorm in Bandung. it's a cozy place to me. everytime i enter the room i feel relax. im not very comfortable in the outside world so i spent most of my time in my room. the address is Jl Bali 17 Sumur Bandung. The cost is about Rp.1.5m per month. Its also bigger comparing other room in the dorm. it has a nice window which in the morning the sun light comes in so it gets bright. it has a nice colour too simple white but, because of that i gotta clean my room frequently. though it's pretty relaxing to see my room clean so i have a comfortable studying facility. It has a bigass bed which takes a lot of space also im not even that big but i guess it be coming handy if i have a sleepover. there's a desk i usually put my laptop to do laptop stuff. I usually study on the floor because its just way more comfortable than studying in my desk so i have like a tiny flipable table i use to study or eat or draw. The wardrobe is also nice, it fits all my clothes and some random stuff i hardly use. And there's a mirror for me to look myself in shame nah im joking i don't even use the mirror. Also i have a drawer full of food suply (most of them are noodle cup) also coffee because why not.

Funny story i used to live in another room in the dorm but i moved since the incident. So that time when i still in the first room, i was doing a school task. for some reason i stress too much and without thinking twice i smacked the *peep out of my mirror. The mirror was broken and i was like "bruh ok now what am i gonna do". My hand was bleeding but i didn't realize it until few seconds later. As soon as i realize that i didn't even panicked and just walks downstair while my blood drops all over the floor. I asked the dorm aunt if she has some like medical stuff to cover the blood. My dorm aunt panicked as soon as she saw sh*t ton of blood coming out from my hand and gathered some dorm administrator to help. Seconds later i began going dizzy, my breath were stuffy, and my vision become so blur that i became blind for a while. One of my biggest fear was became blind so i began to panic. I was rushed to the hospital to get some sewing on my arm. It was a bit painful but yea its all good. Since then i moved to the more cozy room because welp i broke the mirror there. Also another reason why i moved room is because the first room had a lot of moth when its moth season. And also the light can't be turned off so its a pain in the ass.

Talking about holidays, i went to my hometown in Tangerang Selatan. I also went to my grandmother house in Kuningan. There's this place in the center of kuningan called Masjid Syiarul Islam. it's a gigantic mosque surounded with plazas. people hang around there and it's very crowded on holidays. And yes i bought mixue and latto latto for whatever reason.

Minggu, 06 November 2022

Introduction of me

 Hello my name is zaidan fathin izzati you can call me zaidan. I am from x4 and absen 35. I live in a dorm in jl bali. My parents are in tangerang selatan so I live by myself. Sometimes if I'm depressed I become brain dead. As for my hobby I like to draw especially animating. I like to draw anime style animation. I also like coding but I like animating more. I'm aiming to be a data scientist in the future that's also why I aim to go to itb. But in the meantime I want to achieve my side job that is become an animator. By the time I finish high school I will be working on one of Japanese animation studio via WFH as a key animator. My journey is still long I have to work harder. I want to have a side job so I don't have to drag my parents money. I also have game addiction which is very bad I wish I stop already. I usually play anime gacha games but one game I dominate the most is tetris. I ranked 200 top player in Indonesia on modern tetris. I have a friend also from tangsel school in bandung but he's in a dorm school. He's the one friend I waited on weekend to come over. Also some of my friends from tangsel come to sma 5. I really miss my hometown. I feel really lonely on my dorm. Sometimes I cry by myself and just waste a lot of times staring at the wall. I have les ln inten which I very confused because the study is far related from school. I wanna have a pet so I don't have to be lonely at dorm. I recently discovered this cute robot called cozmo bot but its expensive enough to make my wallet brain dead. I think I wrote to much I shall end it here. Also here's my Twitter I post animation here ahihi.